20 August 2008

Palttina - Plain weave

Maybe you remember this picture. I am sure you know it is plain weave. It is simpliest weave. In Finnish we call it palttina. I like a word 'palttina' and it is reason why my blog address is http://palttina.blogspot.com


Meg in Nelson said...

My colors.....

hisako said...

Hi,I'm hisako,from JAPAN.
Thank you for linking my blog.
Your pistures are wonderfull as well as your works.
I want to take a picture like you.

I can't speak English, but I'll visit your blog again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elsa, please go to my page for a weaving blog award I have awarded you for you blog. Well done, and I hope to watch many more posts from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elsa, You have a 'gift'waiting for you on my blog page...Well done!
Shirley Treasure