26 May 2008

Favorites and questions

Hi, i am sorry i have not been here posting anything in long time. I have not loom right now to use. But i came now for asking couple questions?

The Blogging has been nice experience me. I have enjoyed to read comments and see how blog friends around world are visiting here. I have enjoyed to show my weaving works also i have enjoyed to see what people are weaving and doing with textiles around world. I still would like to hear more comments? What you think that blogging means for your weaving or some other creative process? What you think about this weaving blog? What has it been bringing or giving for you? What makes you enjoy weaving blog?

Please, send me email or leave comment! Thanks for visiting!


neki desu said...

Hi Elsa,
Weaving is a solitary practice and for me blogging is a way to break studio isolation.
i have learned a lot from people all over the world, not only about textiles and surface design, but also about attitudes in life.
BTW send you an invite for the weaving group in stitching fingers.
Hope to see you there

neki desu

Susan Johnson said...

Thank you for posting in English! I love to look at your weaving. From my workshop I can visit you any time I want to look into this magic (to me) computer window.

I'm sorry I haven't left a comment for you before. Your weaving is very inspiring to me, and your pictures are wonderful. You worry about a color, and then you work with it until you make it better. These are things I do every day, too. I hope you get back to a loom very soon, and will keep posting
about your work.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I resisted starting a blog because it would eat into my weaving time. Much to my surprise blogging has helped me become a more dedicated and creative weaver. I look for different things in different blogs. Beginning weaver blogs I very much enjoy because I like to watch them grow and develop, and, if I can, help them a bit. Good photos are always wonderful, and your photos I enjoy very much. I also like weaving blogs that show weavers moving along their own unique paths. I like weaving blogs that challenge me. I like weaving blogs that confirm me. I enjoy the sense of community that reading them brings.

Trapunto said...

Hello Elsa, (or do you say, "Elsa-Eriika" together?)
I just found your blog. I hope you get back the use of your loom soon, because your weaving is beautiful. Your color sense shows!

To answer your questions, I am still very new to blogging so I don't yet know what it means for my weaving, but I like being able to learn from other weavers this way. I have only been weaving 1 1/2 years, so there is a lot I don't know.

For instance, I learned from your blog how good grey and citron yellow can look together!

karen barbé said...

Hi Elsa,

I was really missing the posts on your blog! It has really caught me because of your honest approach to textiles, your weaving techniques (though I'm not a connoisseur), the use of colour and pattern, and the beautiful pictures you take. Probably what I enjoy most is observing your own design process, how you come up with ideas, from the very inspiration to the final weave. Once private and restricted only to the designer himself, the creative process has found in blogs a helpful tool for being published in real time. I feel this is a new knowledge available to us all. That's why I find so delightful visiting your blog. Well, hope this helps you. I'm looking forward to your next posts.


Jane said...

Hi Elsa,

My first weaving blog was begun in 2006. It was a place for me to keep notes on my own progress, but soon became a 'chore' in my day, because I tried to write every day. I soon began to not enjoy it as much -- then someone hacked it and changed it all into Chinese language and put advertisements on it, so I just let it go. Then I became very sick and was not weaving for awhile.

I just began a new blog last month, and am so happy this time to be back. It makes me happy to see some of my old blogging friends like Leigh and others and this time around, I just write whenever I feel like it. No pressure on myself, because Hey! My blog is for me, and for my own thoughts. It's wonderful when others share it with me and when we can have a dialogue back and forth.

I continue to learn new things all the time, and the weaving blogs are a wonderful source of inspiration and learning for me. Even when I think I am very familiar with a technique, etc. it seems as if there is always another way to do it or something wonderful to learn. Weaving for me is a lifelong learning process.

I so enjoy your blog and that fact that we can be half way apart on the world and can become weaving friends.


Alison said...

One of my favorite things about weaving blogs is pictures, and your pictures are beautiful! I think it is inspirational to see what other weavers are working on. It is so cool to see the same medium being used in so many different ways. It is also great to learn thoughts, experiences, tips, and feelings from other weavers. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing how creative you are with color.

bensedin art said...

Hi Elsa,
I am new in blog world and my English is not always correct.
Weaving blogs are wonderful source of inspiration. It's also way to learn something new and share experiences. Your blog and pictures are very, very nice. I enjoy read it. Tanja

jaihn said...

Hallo - I just found your blog - Beautiful work, and beautiful photos. And, great links.
I will return to savour more of the textures and riches you've created here. Thank you.
I'm also in weaving group at stitchin fingers. xxx

Holly said...

Don't stop! I love your blog and as a beginner weaver you are a real inspiration to me! THanks your sharing your time.

Alice said...

I have only been weaving a year and am still learning much. I have found that blogs are an education and a inspiration.

I don't know how I found your blog but it is wonderful for the colors and textures in your weaving. I also like that you use your grandmother's yarns as I have some from older weaver's collections too. Your photos are lovely. I like that your warp remains the same but all of the weavings are unique.

elsa eriika said...

Hi and great thank you for comments!

Thank you Neki for invitating me to stitching fingers! I have not had much time to spent there yet, but it seems interesting community! And thank you for your thoughts about blogging! I agree!

And thank you susan! I wanted to post in english, because i thought i will get much more communication by writing english than finnish! I know i do many mistakes in english, but i try my best! :) Thank you for visiting! And i hope also to get back to a loom very soon, i am making plans for a new rug for hall, i have some differet grays and blues waiting me! Probably in June i am able to use loom again! (that is problem because i have not my own studio yet, i am working everywhere)

And thank you peg! You are so active with posting in your blog! It is great! I am happy you enjoy my photos, thank you! And it is really wonderful how to get new contacts around world just having blog and sharing things! And there is so many bloggers about weaving in us! It is great!

Trapunto, i am Elsa Eriika here in blogosphere, but Elsa is also fine! I am happy you found my blog! Thank you for comment! There is so many things to share and learn in blogs!

And Karen, thank you for many nice comments you have put here! And it makes me want to blog more when i know that people are missing my posts! I enjoy to show what i am doing, i was happy to do it so actively two months, now i just need to be without loom little time! I love blogosphere!

Thank you Jane, also for your comment! It is sad what happend for your first blog! And it is awesome to hear you found still your old blogging friends here after while! I am quite a new blogger and i see how some people have had blog many years, i am sure it is very meaningful thing in life! And i agree that blog is just for yourself, you can choose style and things there and then people come visit there and so on! It is nice!

Alison, thank you also! It is really interesting to see who weaving is so common technique around world and by communicating we can have something new to think about weaving! Thank your for nice comment!

Tanja, thank you also! Your english sounds good! English it is not my native language either so i do understand you! Thank you for visiting, that we i was able to come see your blog! :)

And jaihn thank you for your comment and than you for visiting! I found your beautiful blog! I am impressed about it!

Holly, thank you for supporting me to continue blogging! I am happy you enjoy this blog!

And Alice thank you for comment too! Welcome again!

And also i want to thank people who have commented here before! And welcome! This time when i am not weaving now myself i go around blogosphere and i make plans for my next weavings! I have been also busy with my study things!

Still thank you everyone for visiting!


Hello Elsa,

since you have quite a few comments its obvious that you have a fan base hehe.. I enjoy your blog and your use of colors, the photos are always inspiring. I started my blog on a totally different craft and evolved into what it is today. Blogs to me are a way of communicating with other weavers and knitter, a chance to visit with them, learn from them and share opinions and projects. Since I don't live anywhere near anyone who weaves the blogs have been a real Godsend to me. Please keep your blog and pictures going we all enjoy each other.

Kaylen said...

Your pictures are GORGEOUS. I don't know how to weave, but seeing all your pretty photographs makes me REALLY want to learn...thanks for being wonderful!

Dorothy said...

I enjoy seeing what other people are weaving and reading what they have to say about their work. As someone else has already commented, weavers can get to feeling very isolated in our own private studios - it's great to be able to get together on the 'net.

I find that writing a blog makes me think differently about what I am doing, and the photos that I started taking for my blog have become a very useful record for me of my work and the things I have learnt. I enjoy getting into discussions and exchanging ideas with other weaving bloggers.

Do carry on blogging, I enjoy seeing what you are up to!

kay said...

Hi. I also live in relative weaving isolation. Reading blogs and lists about weaving, and occasionally making a comment, allows me to feel part of the weaving fraternity (or should I say sorority).

Susan B. said...

Adding my thoughts here as a new blogger and weaver, I love the connections I am finding. I expected the U.S. ones but finding you in Finland was a real joy! I love your pictures and your insights. Don't stop sharing. I've been away for a few weeks but am catching up on everyone. I need you and all my other virtual weaver friends!

Meg in Nelson said...

Reading/gazing at blogs: friendship, community, great photos, others' design process; it's really a good "cafe" where I mix with people, and living in a small community, this is important for me.

Writing blogs: I think as I type and then I get the thought onto the screen, post, and I feel a sense of "ok, done, next thing" accomplishment. It's also a great platform to ask questions.

Oh, you must get access to another loom quickly. Or slowly. Whichever you prefer, but I hope you will weave again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elsa,
Thank you for listing my blog on your links. I get a lot of traffic to my blog from it, which shows just how popular your site is!
I worked with a lot of Finnish & Danish weavers in Ireland when I first started out, I love Scandanian textiles and visiting your site reminds me of heaps of wonderful weaving moments.
Also, a photograph speaks all languages and yours are very beautiful.
Keep moving forward! & Thank You.
Shirley Treasure