25 April 2008

Weaving today

Last night i had a dream about the red. There was many red mice somewhere trying hide each other. Colours really comes to my dreams. But today i am feeling much better with red! I am using 20 years old yarns. They are originally my grandma's.


Theresa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did, because now I know about yours. I would love to have my own loom now!

the daily purl said...

Good to hear the red is working for you -and it must be wonderful using your Grandma's yarns. Love the light and colors in the first photo.

elsa eriika said...

Thank you Theresa for comment!

Thank you Brooke also! Ya, red really felt better after whi8le, but will see when i am able to use it again. It is very wonderful to use grandma's yarns. They have been like waiting me long time! I like the first photo also.

karina said...

Great blog!
Very touching to use those grandma`s yarns

Jane said...

How wonderful to weave with your Grandmother's threads. Heart strings.


elsa eriika said...

Thanks for comments! Jane, thank you for visiting, i found few new weaving blogs from your blog.