02 April 2008

Traditional weave "ruusukas"

I am interested in this traditional weave. We call it "ruusukas" in finnish. When you use this weave it supposes to weave so that your warp will we be covered whole in weft yarns. In this piece there is two colours for weft, yellow and grey. But those ways how to use pedals are very versatile.


Sara said...

thank you for your comment. I put your link in my blog. I love the pieces you do! I have a loom in my studio but I never tried it yet! :-)

André Arioso said...

Elsa, thank you for yor comment!!!
Your Work is Wonderful too!!! I already did some works with jeans, is cool! This days I'm trying to dye some woven fabrics and then weave. I'll put yor blog on my list. Sorry about my english.

elsa eriika said...

Thank you for your comments sara and andré!

Rodrigo Tecelão said...
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Rodrigo Tecelão said...

Terve! Elsa!
Mitä Kuuluu?
I found the ruusukas technique in a old book, Kankaiden Sidokset - Helvi Pyysalo (Helsinki 1950) and my soumalainen mother in law, resident at Penedo(finnish colony), Eli Inkeri, has shown me how to weave!
You know something about Ryiji or Täkänä? Books about?
I've a blog (tecelagem artesanal) here too, "click" on my photo, visit me and knows Eila Ampula (92 years old) and his wooven tapestries!
Kiitos hyvin, for your commentary in my blog.
My english isn't enough, and my finnish too!
he! he! he!
Ps.I like Kalevala, Väinämöinen, Ilmarinen and Lemminkäinen; one day I'l have a Kantele!

elsa eriika said...

Thank you for the comment! Ya i know something about those weaves ryijy and täkänä. Thoose are very traditional weaves in Finland! And i saw those tapestries by Eila. It was very interesting experience to see them!

For those people who don't know what is Kalevala... It is Finland's old legend and story. And those names are some of those people in this story. You can find Kalevala also in english. I am sure.

Ricardo said...

Excellent blog, congratulations. The works are very beautiful. recently I started weaving and diagrams you posted were very helpful in my learning, thank you very much. I invite you to visit my blog http://textilesartesanalesroc.blogspot.com/