21 April 2008

The red is difficult and makes me slow

How it is possible that i can't use red very easily. I would like to weave piece of red but maybe i have to wait still. I don't know what i have against it. I want to find it. Maybe it is just too strong for me. Or should i just change to weave red lines to lila.


KatwalKatharsis said...

Cool Blog!! It stirs me to do something colorful and creative!!
Kay La La

Peg in South Carolina said...

Maybe you are just not ready yet to weave red. If your negative feelings about it are strong, I would go with those feelings.

Maybe sometime you will find a painting or photo with a lot of red in it which you really like. Perhaps analysis of it might then reveal to you a way to use red in weaving that would please you.

Lynn said...

A different thought from Peg's: Use the red. Push yourself to weave with red. In fact, use many reds. Think about how it feels to weave with red.

Then see how you feel about it. If you still don't like weaving with red, then don't.

elsa eriika said...

Hello! Thank you very much for comments! I have not woven in two days and tomorrow i am going again and i will try red again but the different way. It is interesting that i like red but there is something with it that it is not very familiar to me. I am happy all your comments!