04 March 2008

Weaving is beautiful process

I am so happy to start my blog about weaving. I am writing this in english because i am hoping to get communicate with you everyone. My native language is Finnish and i know i probably do many mistakes when i write english. But we all are learning. This is my second blog ever and my first one that everyone can visit here. I am finlander who loves weaving and ideas of weaving!

I am making my loom ready today. I got 20 meter long warp for rug. Will see what i will do for it. Today i try figure out my weave, i think i will set four pedals...

There is still much room and needs in this life for hand weaving and looms. There is so many ideas about weaving around us everywhere. I love looms and sometimes just that weaving process makes me enjoy so much!

I am hoping to be here online almost every day. You are more than welcome to visit and comment here!

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