07 March 2008

Handwoven stripes

I found interesting weaving stuff from Sri Lanka here. These are Barefoot products. Sometimes it is so good to see just traditional stripes.


Anonymous said...

I love your work, i Love weaving & the choise of colours & designs. Its heaps of fun, keep blending and keep creating.
Pass em on to us & we;ll dress emup!!

giuseppe said...

These books.. lovely themes.

I noticed a link to my blog is on your website :D Kiitos! But how did you find me... and how did you know I am from Canada?

elsa eriika said...

Hello! I found your blog same time when i found art cloth text -blog and textile + fibre student blog... And you tell in in your profile you are from canada. :) Is it okay i linked your website? I am collecting interesting sites about weaving and textiles to my blog.

giuseppe said...

Thank you for the response. Yes, it's okay that you linked my blog. Actually I am very glad that you did! I'll do the same for yours. Are you a textiles student too, or do you study weaving as a hobby?

elsa eriika said...

Thanks! Ya i am textiles student and sometimes i use weaving techinique and this blog has been for it.