07 October 2008

I am back working and blogging!

Hi! I have many news to tell you today!

I am back working and blogging! Like you many know i was long time away from here. During this break i started my new blog textile experiences. I will continue it because it will be part of my artistical final work for my studies. You are welcome to visit and comment there!

You get used to know me here by name Elsa Eriika. I started my weaving finlander blog without knowing so much about blogosphere and i was shy to present my first name. After good experiences about this blog i am ready and willing to continue blogging and working by my first name Kaisu.

My working blog is now in new place and it is called Suika laboratorio. You will see my ideas, design, plays with yarns, weavings and other work there. New blog is called Suika Laboratorio because i was called Suika by mom in my childhood. I am happy about all your feedback and comments there! I am also making my new portfolio and i will let you know when it is done.

Many things are going on with my studies and i will stay busy. Anyway i am happy to be able to communicate with you here in blogosphere. It gives me so much inspiration and new viewpoints to look at my own working! Thank you everyone!

And welcome to follow my working process on my laboratorio.